About Ryan Nivakoff

Ryan Nivakoff is an experienced entrepreneur who has helped launch successful companies such as the finance firm Parvus Rex Capital and NJOY, an e-cigarette startup that manufactures a variety of vaping devices and accessories for adults.

Ryan Nivakoff: The Launch of NJOY

NJOY is notable as the manufacturer of the standard reference e-cig approved for research use by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. At NJOY, Nivakoff leads a team committed to reinventing the delivery of smoke-free nicotine while mitigating the harm associated with traditional combustible tobacco products. NJOY devices feature rechargeable batteries and an ergonomic design that makes for a seamless delivery of the company’s signature nicotine-salt formula.

NJOY’s three core products cater to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. NJOY Ace promises an “elevated vaping experience” in a slender, rechargeable package. NJOY Loop features a rechargeable case with five days of battery life for extended trips out of pocket. NJOY Daily is a disposable e-cigarette that is virtually spill-proof and requires no refills or recharging.

Ryan Nivakoff is committed to making NJOY more than a vaping company. Under his guidance, the NJOY team works to “make smoking history” by developing and improving alternatives to cigars, cigarettes and other traditional combustion-based nicotine products.

Even before taking the reins at NJOY, Nivakoff was a passionate advocate for smoking cessation and harm reduction. One of his core responsibilities is NJOY’s contract with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), under which the company supplies a standardized research e-cigarette that is used in independent, government-funded clinical studies in the United States. According to NJOY’s website and Nivakoff’s own public statements, this project has “enormous potential to improve the lives of smokers in the United States and across the world.”

Ryan Nivakoff: Parvus Rex Capital & Earlier Ventures

Prior to accepting his position with NJOY, Nivakoff accumulated nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience at the helm of Parvus Rex Capital, a private equity firm involved in a variety of traditional and alternative business ventures. As Parvus Rex’s co-founder, Ryan Nivakoff pursued a variety of opportunities in clean energy and climate change mitigation, including several carbon credit projects. These business pursuits aligned with Nivakoff’s personal advocacy for carbon-neutral and -negative initiatives on which business leaders, environmental advocates, and passive stakeholders could agree.

Nivakoff also has experience in customer service ventures. In 2012, he and two longtime business partners founded Harding’s, a critically acclaimed New American eatery in New York City’s Flatiron District. Today, Harding’s is still going strong, noted in particular for its all-American selection of beer, wine, and spirits.

Ryan Nivakoff: Background

Prior to co-founding Parvus Rex Capital, Nivakoff served as a police officer with the New York Police Department. Following his departure from the force, he teamed up with his father — retired Stamford, Connecticut, police chief Bob Nivakoff — to publish “The Squad Room,” a novel about an NYPD captain’s efforts to track down a vicious sexual predator and serial killer. Chief Nivakoff co-wrote “The Squad Room” with John Cutter, retired NYPD chief.

Ryan Nivakoff is an alumnus of Columbia University, where he played Division I football and baseball. He participates in the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, a nonprofit that underwrites scholarships for children of fallen members of the military and federal law enforcement.